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loving life in South Hampshire. radio for the Southern parishes of Hampshire that is 'the music of your life'....

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August 14th sees SkylineGold celebrating the 55th anniversary of the legal closure of offshore radio stations.

To mark the day, we have a whole day of special programmes and themes.  our schedule for this very special day is:

09:00-11:00  Kevin Andrew with the more music breakfast featuring the Fab 40, 40-36

11:00-12:00   Craig P with mid-morning classics from the early days of indy. Also featuring Fab40, 35 - 31

12:00-14:00  Ray Butt with classic rock for your Sunday lunchtime  plus, Fab 40, positions 30-21

14:00-15:00  Andy C with the history of Big L, and its eventual closure

15:00-17:00  Mike Marwick

17:00-2000  Mags with Sunday afternoon as well as the Big L Fab 40, 20-11

20:00-22:00 Andy C with classic jazz and blues  

22:00-Midnught  Duke closes our special day with the Fab Top10 as well as interviews from this weekends Caroline reunion. We relive at midnight, one of the most historic events ever on UK radio. And because of that event, we are here today


we live in the Southern parishes

From Winchester to Gosport, Fareham to Eastleigh you can find us on 102.5FM

Listen to us all over the world online at, through your smart speaker, or via your mobile app. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, playing the music of your life

 who we are

Skyline Gold is your community radio station.
It is run entirely by volunteers.
Unlike many community radio stations we receive no money or grants from the taxpayer and we entirely funded by our volunteers and our advertisers.
Skyline Gold is proud to provide this service to our community.

schedule. . . . . .


08.00  Skyline breakfast with Gary King. Start your week with the best local breakfast show. Traffic and travel for the Southern Parishes plus, the music of your life.

10.00  The Mike Ward Show

12.00  Steve Bishop's Old Record Club

14.00  Andi C Afternoon Diversion 

17.00  Drivetime with Alan Sutton. easing your way home

19.00  Dave Englefield sounds of the 90s

20.00  Gary Jackson's prog show              Dark Side Of The Moon

22.00  Roger 'Twiggy' Day with his Vinyl Countdown

00.00  Skyline Gold through the night


08.00  Skyline breakfast with Jez

10.00  Roger 'Twiggy' Day  a second chance to hear his Vinyl Countdown from last night

12.00  The Gary Jackson Show

14.00  Dave Englefield with hits of the 60's 70's and 80's

17.00  Drivetime with Alan Sutton easing your way home

19.00  Bill Black's Country Classics

21.00  Gary Jackson's Sounds Of The Seventies  exactly what you'd expect

22.00  Skyline Gold through the night


08.00 Skyline breakfast with Andy C

10.00 The Alan Etheridge Show

12.00  Keith Venn with music for lunch time

14.00  Duke Anthony's Wednesday Frenzy

17.00  Drivetime   homeward bound with Gary King, featuring soul train from 18:00 and all your traffic and travel

19.00  Adey  our Mr Soul Man 

22.00  Skyline Gold through the night


08.00  Skyline  breakfast with Kevin Andrew

10.00  Gary James takes you through your morning

12.00  to be confirmed

14.00  a second chance to hear Gary Jackson's Dark SIde Of The Moon

16.00  Drivetime  Homeward bound with Gary King, featuring at 17:00, the Soultrain and from 18:00 the golden half hour

19.00  Ray New. Classic soul, grooves blended with jazz funk to give you the ultimate Thursday feeling

22.00  Skyline Gold through the night


08.00  Skyline breakfast with Kevin Andrew. Start your day with the best local breakfast show. Traffic and travel for the Southern Parishes plus, the music of your life.

10.00  Stafford's World  a substantial glimpse into his world of music

13.00  Stevie Edwards in the afternoon

16.00  Drivetime with Gary King

19.00  Dave Englefield  80s Vinyl

20.00  Gary Jackson My Generation does his generation match yours?

22.00  Friday Late Night Live  late night music to set the mood

00.00  Skyline Gold through the night

the weekend: saturday

08.00  Saturday breakfast with Craig. Saturday is here,  Join Craig for a laid back start to your weekend. 

10.00  Jez chooses the tunes for you mid-morning.

12.00  Ray Butt midday spins the best in music from the 60's through to the 80's.

14.00  Afternoon delight. Grab the deckchair and a cool drink for a summertime Saturday afternoon with the laid back Gary James 

17.00  Duke Anthony's Dusty Disco

19.00  Mike Marwick's Rock & Roll Saturday

21.00  Dancefloor Classics with Kevin Andrew. Dancefloor memories come flooding back. Kev calls it the music of your social life. Featuring the best in dance memories from the 60's to the 90's. From 11.30, its the return of the wind down zone. 30 minutes of late night chill to round off your Saturday evening.

00.00  Skyline Gold through the night

the weekend: sunday

09.00   the more music breakfast with Kevin Andrew. A laid back and relaxed start to your Sunday, featuring two hand picked fives, handbags and gladrags; dancefloor memories. Around 10, we sit back and enjoy the best in jazz, blues and soul with the journey. No doubts, some conversation about food will appear1

Requests and dedications always welcome

12.00   Stafford's World listen again to Friday's show

15.00  Mike Marwick On The Weekend

17.00   Margaret Head  Sunday Teatime Mags plays music and requests across the decades with fun and banter.  Features on the programme include anagram, silly song, stupid question, silly sign, guess the lyrics, cheesy toon and a theme after 6.30pm.

20.00  Andy C Jazz Me Blues

22.00  Skyline Gold through the night

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