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our presentation team

Our team consists of highly motivated local presenters, with varying backgrounds and musical interests.  With many years of experience in musical entertainment, they bring their comprehensive knowledge of music to the shows, to provide a varied selection of music across the week.

Andi C

wednesday, sunday

Hello, and thanks for looking at my personal page on here on Skyline Gold…

It’s often said that we’re all in the gutter but a few look at the stars while we’re there.  If I can persuade you to do that, just sometimes, I’m a happy bunny.

Here on Skyline Gold we have a cool bag of music, sure, but much more than a case of CDs or a cache of mp3 files.  I admire people who step outside their Anaglypta Villas, attempting something significant.  I provide a platform of the people whenever I can on Skyline Gold, after all, we are a community radio station.  Local guests and personalities are important to me and enjoyable hopefully for you, my listeners.  Not so much the latest celebrity clothes-horses, they have their publicity machines well-oiled already in constant motion.Come and discover with me some gems among life’s pebbles.

Currently I present two very different shows on Skyline Gold:

 Jazz Me Blues (Sunday 8 – 10pm):  From the birth of jazz and blues in the 1920s Mississippi Delta to right now in the Solent Delta you’ll find an intriguing mix of artists old and new, passionate and authentic.  Step outside your usual comfort zone into modern jazz or wallow in nostalgic 12-bar blues, it’s all waiting for you to discover and enjoy. 

 My Monday Afternoon Diversion (Monday 2 – 5pm) attempts to pep up your Monday afternoon as you reflect or recover from the weekend.Music from the 1940s till now, film reviews, books, and sporadic weird news.A whacky word of the week for you to try out in conversation and watch what happens.  My studio guests are diverse and will talk aardvarks to zygotes with a little prompting from you.

 It’s always good to hear from you.  Outside programme hours you can reach me via 

 Thanks for reading

Take care and stay lucky


Margaret Head (Mags)

sunday 5pm

Catch Mags every Sunday evening between 5pm - 8pm, playing music and requests across the decades with fun and banter.  Features on the programme include anagram, silly song, stupid question, silly sign, guess the lyrics, cheesy toon and a theme after 6.30pm.

Addiction to the buzz of radio and music started as a child along with going to see local outside radio broadcasts, roadshows and live music. 

Mags presented for Winchester Hospital Radio 1996-2006, presenting programmes 'Artist of the Week' and 'Grin & Tonic' as well as live request shows, sometimes from a ward. Roles also included Ward Visiting Co-ordinator and Socials Organiser. She also ran her own mobile disco from 2000 – 2007 called Starsoundz. In 2006 Mags joined Skyline Gold within weeks of the station first starting up.

She works as a Front of House Assistant at 02 Guildhall Southampton along with being part time receptionist at Brendoncare Knightwood, Chandlers Ford.


saturday 10am

Jez spends a lot of his time out in the jungles of Africa but then swings by the Skyline Studios for a few months as a presenter before zooming off to another hot, usually uncomfortable place. Jez started his showbiz career a few years ago when at home in UK, producing and editing TV programmes and co-starring in the AND Magazine TV show aired locally. He's also done magazine photography for AND Magazine, GQ magazine and a couple of others.

Jez's lack of knowledge on sport is legendary (he once photographed the England football team manager and didn't have a clue who he was!) and Tony Pankhurst once likened watching Jez's show to watching a circus, so it's certainly fun. Thankfully, he loves all types of music so his show is bizarre to say the least, with anything from African jungle music to the Bonzo Dog Do-dah Band or Michael Buble. These are mixed up with quizzes, phone calls (usually from odd places) and some rather strange but usually entertaining guests, so you're in for a great time if you can catch him!!

Gary Jackson

monday, tuesday and friday

Gary started his DJ career back in the days when half a dozen singles from Saturday Night Fever were guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Hospital radio beckoned in the early 1990s and he now finds himself on an FM station, surprised that it's the English speaking population that listens, having always thought the most suitable audience would be those who hadn't a clue what he was on about. He fell in love with beat music in the 60s, and in 1997 he was approached by The Searchers to publish their official website which he does to this day.

Gary Jackson's shows are packed with special features - not for the audience's benefit, but because at his age just staying awake for two hours is tough enough, and every little helps! When he's not convincing famous presenters that their jobs are safe, Gary writes a monthly sixties music column for the Hampshire Chronicle newspaper.

Dark Side Of The Moon, Mondays from 8-10pm includes music from classic and progressive rock acts - previously hardly ever heard anywhere on radio yet they sold by the million - some of which can now interestingly be heard on other local stations! 

My Generation - the 60s show, Fridays 8-10pm is the sixties session which not only attracts local listeners but pulls them in from all over the world! Gary also has the unique feature called the Unofficial Skyline Sweep - guess how far in to the programme it all goes pear-shaped!


saturday breakfast from 8am

Craig has always had a love of music but hasn't ever found an instrument of his own to play. That was until he joined Skyline in 2019 and realised his passion for the radio and great Saturday morning tunes. He has lived in Hedge End for over 10 years now and is very happy to call it his home.

In his spare time he likes to collect vinyl records, kickbox, cook and ride his bike. Well... that's when his two young children let him of course.

On Saturday mornings you can join him from 8 - 10. It's a fun show full of upbeat tunes from the 70s to 90s, silly facts, jokes and everything you need to start the weekend off with a bang.

Alan Etheridge

wednesday morning from 10am

Hello I’ve been presenting the Wednesday Mid-Morning show for several years now, and if you’ve tuned in you will know that my musical tastes range from Abba to Zappa, and all points in between.

It helps, you know, when the people you work with on the station are a friendly bunch, and this lot are. 

It’s good that we can promote events and charities etc in the local area, and hopefully keep you entertained in our choice of music.

I must not forget to mention my trusty assistant Doris, who puts up with a lot, but I do pay her well.

Someone worked out once, that an anagram of my name is “Gentle Airhead”, says a lot really

Kevin Andrew

sunday breakfast, saturday 9pm.

Andrew's Towers, the shed at the end of the garden during lockdown, and breakfast live from Melbourne; just a few of the places kev has broadcast from in recent times. 

Should he ever get the peace and quiet of a pacific island, coffee and soul music would be two main items he would need. 

Alan Sutton

monday and tuesday drivetime 5pm

I worked for a number of years in heavy industry, going to meetings, sending memos, shuffling papers, and tidying up paper clips.  I also watched other people do the actual work.  Eventually the company realised my contributions, and, not wishing me to be held back, gave me the opportunity to blossom elsewhere.  They offered me a carrier bag of £5 notes, which I took, along with a briefcase full of pens, felt tip markers and, of course, paper clips.

I was then free to follow my passion for art history, which is jolly interesting, to me, anyway.  I paid for things by selling 'stuff' at car boot sales, barely covering expenses, and making no profit at all.  I also learned to paint and managed to sell 3 paintings.

A friend in the business suggested I join Skyline, as I like talking to myself, and so I did.  This is my 8th year now, and I really enjoy it.  Music has always been an important factor in my life, as it is an emotional influence.  Many thanks to my loyal listeners.  Thanks for listening............


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